ВТУ "Тодор Каблешков"

Attainment of academic degree “Doctor of Science”

On 6th of July, 2015, at Department “Material handling and construction machines” was held meeting of the Scientific Jury for attainment of academic degree “Doctor of Science” in scientific specialty “Chemistry” for thesis on topic “Microindentation as a method for the study of polymeric materials” with author Assoc. prof. Galina Zamfirova, PhD. After the presentation of the thesis, the Scientific Jury, consisted of
Chairman: Prof. Petar Kolev, DSc
Scientific Secretary: Assoc. prof. Nikolay Tontchev, PhD
Members: 1. Acad. Ychko Ivanov, DSc,
2. Prof. Milcho Natov, DSc,
3. Prof. Nikolay Dishovski, DSc,
4. Prof. Mihail Haralampiev, DSc,
5. Prof. Mitko Mihovski, DSc,
highly evaluated the scientific experience of Assoc. prof. Zamfirova, PhD. The members of the Jury marked that the thesis consists of significant achievements in the polymeric research and that a unique method for analysis is presented. As a whole, the thesis is a theoretical summary in the frame of microindentation of polymeric materials and as a result some of the members of the Jury suggested to the author to publish the basic part of the work as a single book, which could be open to the chemists.
During the event, it was mentioned that Assoc. prof. Zamfirova is one of the few highly evaluated specialists in the frame of micro roughness research, good university teacher and scientist who is famous abroad.