ВТУ "Тодор Каблешков"

Practical training at the construction industry

It is a tradition for the academic staff from Department “Building structures in Transport” to conduct their practical training of students at building sites. On June 17th and 18th, second year students from specialty “Building structures in Transport” together with their tutors – assist. prof. Stoina Kostova and assist. prof. Kosta Kostov, visited the following construction sites:
Central controlling station of Metropolitan Ltd - eng. V. Ivanov, representative of Metropolitan Ltd, Sofia, presented to the students different methods for construction of the underground stations. The students got familiar with the way of controlling the rail traffic and electrical supply of the Sofia underground.
“Opalchenska” station – at this station the students got familiar with the basic functioning of the underground stations and the safety regulations for the passengers services provided.
Overhead road at Sofia Airport underground station – the students saw how were constructed the pillars of the overhead road, the paving stones and the joints.
„Stomanobeton factory for building constructions” – Kremikovtsi: the students got familiar with the construction of huge precast units, such as – pillars, floor panels, wall panels and etc. The pre-stressed steal pillars were of big interest for the students. They observed the processes of shuttering, reinforcing, pre-stressing and concrete covering of the pillars.
At the end of the practical training the students were asked to share their impressions from the visitation of the construction sites. As a result of the students’ feedback, the academic staff of Department “Building structures in Transport” will analyze the benefits of such trainings. With this practical training, the teachers of the Department proved that they apply new methods of teaching by which they successfully combine practical and theoretical knowledge.