ВТУ "Тодор Каблешков"

Day of student management

On March 24, 2015 at “Todor Kableshkov” University of Transport the traditional Day of Student Management was held. The objective of the event was to get students familiar with the managerial and administrative work of the university as well as its research activity.
The positions holders were presented by the following students:
Rector – Dimitar Munin; Vice-rector of Academic Affairs – Georgi Bozhinov, Vice-rector of Research and International Affairs – Bogdana Krandorska and Petya Ivanova; Dean of “Transport Management” Faculty – Magdalena Shumareva, Dean of „Communication and Electrical equipment in Transport” – Peyo Ivanov; Dean of “Machinery and construction technologies in transport” – Petya Usheva; President of the General Assembly – Nikolay Dimitrov; chief accountant – Violina Vasileva; Head of department “Economic activity and security”– Stefan Stoynev; Coordinator of Erasmus mobility programme – Ilyana Gerenska; inspector – Marin Milenkov; Head of Career Development Center– Bozhidar Canov; Public relationships – Antoaneta Vasileva.
The day started with the official opening of the event where all of the positions holders and their doubles took place. The rector of “Todor Kableshkov” University of Transport – prof. Petar Kolev, Dsc launched the event and emphasized that this day is very important for young people as they get familiar with the responsibilities for managing the university. It was one of the best ways for students to get administrative experience which would be useful for their future careers. Moreover they would understand in details the everyday responsibilities and obligations of their positions holders.
The students and the positions holders experienced a thrilling day in which the doubles had to solve difficult tasks in the managerial process and to decide how to put them professionally into practice.
During the day a Rector’s Council was also held on which the students had to discuss important issues, concerning academic and research activities and athletic preparation of students for their future participation in championships. During the discussion a business atmosphere and excellent co-ordination among positions holders and doubles was observed. The Rector understudy Dimitar Munin managed the meeting exceptionally responsible so that important and adequate decisions were taken.
The day of student management finished with a discussion for the event passed. The students and the positions holders shared their satisfaction from the interesting contacts made and the work done.