ВТУ "Тодор Каблешков"

Archive 2014

10.12.14 Meeting with First-Year International Students 
27.10.14 Project Closing Meeting 
14.10.14 PhD Dissertation Defence 
17.09.14 Project Closing Meeting 
03.09.14 Diploma of PhD issued by the University of Transport Recognized Abroad 
21.07.14 Student Traineeship in MIIT - Moscow 
11.07.14 For the Third Time: Participation in the Intensive Programme RailNewcastle 2014 
17.06.14 Bulgarian-Chinese Collaboration in Education and Research 
13.05.14 Sign of Distinction Awarding 
09.05.14 Dissertation Defence of a PhD student from Croatia 
30.04.14 Visit to Hydroelectric Power Station 
26.04.14 Participation in International Scientific Conference and Signing of New Cooperation Agreement 
26.04.14 Mobile Seminar 
25.04.14 PhD Dissertation Defence 
11.04.14 Youth Transport Forum – 2014 
09.04.14 Classes in Simitly 
03.04.14 PhD Dissertation Defence 
24.03.14 Visit to Sofia District Information Point of EU Structural Funds 
21.03.14 Donation to T. Kableshkov University of Transport Amounting to € 121875 
20.03.14 Day of Student Management 
13.03.14 National Winter Students’ Games 
10.03.14 Jubilee of Our Scientist 
05.03.14 New Book 
21.02.14 Thesis Projects Defence 
11.02.14 Results from the University Ranking System – Interview with Prof. P. Kolev and Assoc. Prof. D. Todorova in AzBuki Newspaper /in Bulgarian/ 
10.02.14 Student Internship 
10.02.14 Jubilee of Our Scientist 
07.02.14 Dissertation Defense 
06.02.14 Seminar 
31.01.14 Official Awarding of Habilitation Diploma 
21.01.14 New Hall Equipped 
18.01.14 Alternative Form of Seminars 
13.01.14 Day of Patron of Todor Kableshkov University of Transport