ВТУ "Тодор Каблешков"

Archive 2013

19.12.13 Presentation of Erasmus Students from Poland 
06.12.13 Graduation of BSc Class 2013 
04.12.13 Student Forum on the Occasion of 8th December 
28.11.13 National Seminar on KNOW-IN Project 
05.11.13 Official Awarding of Habilitation Diplomas 
02.11.13 TV Evropa Reportage on Opening of Renewable Energy Sources Laboratory /in Bulgarian/ 
01.11.13 Opening of Renewable Energy Sources Laboratory 
01.11.13 eLearning and the liaison with the bussines - important goals for our university 
30.10.13 Official Awarding of Habilitation Diplomas 
30.10.13 Erasmus Information Day 
26.10.13 Prestigious Award for our student 
14.10.13 21st International Scientific Conference Transport 2013 
07.10.13 Official Awarding of Habilitation Diploma 
24.09.13 Official Awarding of Habilitation Diploma 
16.09.13 Opening of the Academic Year 2013/2014 
02.09.13 Todor Kableshkov University of Transport hosted Master Class 
09.07.13 Erasmus Intensive Programme RailNewcastle 2013 
21.06.13 Todor Kableshkov University of Transport Hosted Tournament “Fiery Arrows” 
20.06.13 Academic Performance 
19.06.13 Our Scientist with High State Honour 
18.06.13 Official Awarding of Diploma for Habilitation 
03.06.13 Practical Training 
30.05.13 Meeting of Students from Faculty “MCTT” with Teleric Software Academy 
29.05.13 Training with Modern Software - GEO5 
28.05.13 Visit from Petersburg State Transport University 
22.05.13 New Book Presentation on the Eve of 24th May 
20.05.13 Internship Opportunities for Students 
18.05.13 Graduation of MSc Class 2013 
15.05.13 Youth Scientific Forum "Innovation, Practice, Development” 
09.05.13 Presentation of Modern Nanotechnology at University of Transport  
08.05.13 Official Awarding of Diploma for Habilitation 
24.04.13 Consortium Meeting on KNOW-IN Project 
23.04.13 Miss and Mister University of Transport Competition 
19.04.13 Visits of Students from Transportation Engineering Programme 
17.04.13 Project Information Day at Todor Kableshkov University of Transport  
17.04.13 Student Workshop 
16.04.13 Vivacom Presentation 
13.04.13 Students from Todor Kableshkov University of Transport in Koprivshtitsa 
10.04.13 Erasmus Info Day 
09.04.13 Department of Building Structures Workshop 
26.03.13 Thesis Projects Defence at Faculty of Machinery and Construction Technologies in Transport 
22.03.13 Consortium Meeting on RiFLE Project 
21.03.13 Student Management Day at Todor Kableshkov University of Transport 
19.03.13 Our Students Visited Port of Lom and Danube Bridge Vidin – Calafat Again 
19.03.13 PTV Workshop on Transport Modeling and Planning  
12.03.13 Our Students Visited Thessaloniki Port Again 
09.03.13 National Winter Universiade 
06.03.13 National Career Days 
20.02.13 Signed Contract for Funding Project BG051PO001-3.1.08-0007 
16.02.13 General Assembly of NRSC  
04.02.13 Project Information Day  
31.01.13 Official Inauguration of a Flag 
14.01.13 Day of Patron of Todor Kableshkov University of Transport