Getting a visa

Getting a visa

To get a visa for studying in the Republic of Bulgaria:

  1. You should send to the Department of International Students at the University of Transport (VTU) all admission documents, which can be found at the website http://www.vtu.bg
  2. If the application is approved by the university and by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria, the latter will issue a CERTIFICATE, stating that you are admitted as a student at the University of Transport (VTU).
  3. This Certificate as well as a Certificate from the University of Transport (VTU) stating that you will be accommodated in the student hostel will be sent to the address as given in your application form. You will receive also a PROFORMA INVOICE, in which the tuition fee and the bank account of University of Transport (VTU) are specified.

  4. The certificates mentioned above should presented to the Consular section of the Republic of Bulgaria as well as a bank document issued on the name of the applicant to prove that tuition fee has been paid.

After getting a visa and arrival in Bulgaria, you should apply for a permission for a long stay and address registration in the Directorate "Migration” with the Ministry of Interior. The fee for issuing such a permission amounts of 260 Euro and is paid every year.


The expiry date of the student’s passport should be not earlier than 30 March 2013.

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