Todor Kableshkov University of Transport mission is to be an interdisciplinary academic institution, based on rich historical traditions, high professionalism and innovation, to train highly qualified specialists able to develop and apply scientific knowledge in all sectors of surface transport, together with training, researches and education in the perspective of up-to-date national and European values.

Todor Kableshkov University of Transport main objectives:

  • To provide its students with up-to-date knowledge and skills suitable for the modern marketplace and prospects for country and society development;
  • To promote intellectual and spiritual personal development through free exchange of knowledge and ideas;
  • To prepare its students for professional realization, including lifelong learning;
  • To create new scientific knowledge, applied products and technologies for the society prosperity;
  • To sustain an integration between education, scientific researches, innovations and practice;
  • To affiliate to the values of civil society and democracy
  • Todor Kableshkov strategic goals and priorities:

    • To offer programs of great and sustainable demand, in line with the emerging trends in the educational and labor market;
    • To develop and modernize educational process by means of new forms, methods and technical appliances, to enhance quality of education;
    • To apply European standards in educational process via integrating other universities, best practices exchange and implementation of joint projects;
    • To harmonize curricula and syllabuses with the Bologna process and to effectively support the academic mobilities;
    • To orient the education towards business requirements through maintaining stable relationships with companies, professional organizations, governmental and non-governmental institutions;
    • To bestow constant cares on career orientation and counselling of students;
    • To provide opportunities for lifelong learning and qualification;
    • To promote and stimulate research activities in competitive environment;
    • To strengthen its positions as academic institution of considerable national influence;
    • To become regional, educational, scientific and advisory center in the field of transport;
    • To perfect the quality management system and computer information systems as a basis for decision making;
    • To improve educational and recreational environment via renovation, acquisition of new equipment, sports facilities, reset house development.