Learning Bulgarian

Learning Bulgarian

The courses in Bulgarian language for international students are provided by the Department for Language Teaching and International Students with St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia.

The duration of general and specialized language tuition is not less than nine months and is conducted in groups of no more than ten students. It includes 650 academic hours in Bulgarian language and special subjects of 350 academic hours.

The training of doctoral and specializing students must be at least six months and is organized in groups not exceeding ten students. It includes 430 academic hours in Bulgarian language and special subjects of 230 academic hours.

The courses end with examinations in Bulgarian (written and oral) and in all subjects included in the curriculum. The examinations are conducted and assessed by an examination boards.

Students who have successfully completed the general and special courses are issued certificates approved by the Minister of Education, Youth and Science. The certificates are required for enrolment of international students at the University of Transport.

Applicants who are proficient in Bulgarian can sit the examinations without attending the courses (including examinations in specialized subject areas).


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