Quality Management System

Quality Management System

The Quality Management System of the Todor Kableshkov University of Transport was introduced into operation on 2 June 2002. It was developed according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. On 20 June 2003 the international certification organization Moody Q Zert GmbH carried out a certification audit and having established that the implemented Quality Management System met all the requirements of the standard, issued International Certificate N Q030602 to the school (the Certificate is valid to 25 June 2003)

The Quality Management System of the University of Transport was developed by a project team under the leadership of the Rector. The team consists of the vice-rectors, the deans of the faculties, the heads of departments and representative for the quality who was authorized by the academic authorities. The process of the Quality Management System development and implementation was monitored and controlled by the Rector's Council which plays the part of Council for Quality.

The certification organization carried out a training course for collaborators of the university who would be internal auditors controlling the system function according to Program of Internal Audits. The aims for quality were developed and described on all levels at the University of Transport. There is also a special program developed to improve the Quality Management System.