Todor Kableshkov1922 - The State Railway School was founded as a technical school of military organization through the Law of Establishment of Railway, Telegraph and Post Schools, and Decree No. 60 of His Majesty King Boris III.

1928-1946 - The State Railway School was within the structure of the Railway Division at Ministry of War. The education was based on full military regime and awarded Associate degrees.

1946-1950 - The school was renamed to State Railway Secondary School and was transferred to the Ministry of Railways, Post and Telegraph. The school still awarded Associate degrees and the military regime was replaced by paramilitary.

1950-1958 - The Transport Secondary School at the Ministry of Transport enrolled girls and boys with completed ninth grade, who received secondary technical education. Since the academic 1956/1957 year admission prerequisites have been changed and the training period was three years. The paramilitary regime was maintained.

1958-1962 - The Railway College at the Ministry of Transport has been created. The academic status of the secondary school was transformed to 3-yearcollege awarding Associate degrees. The paramilitary regime was removed.

1962-1984 - The Railway College was militarized, obtaining the status of a military university within the Ministry of Defence. The graduates received officer or sergeant rank. By Decree № 671/22.09.1967, the Railway College was named after Todor Kableshkov, a national hero from the April 1876 Uprising and the author of the historic “Bloody letter”.

1984 - The Military Higher Transport School “Todor Kableshkov” was reformed into a integrated center for training staff for the needs of the transport and military troops of the Republic of Bulgaria.

1 September 2000 - The school was demilitarized and transformed into Todor Kableshkov University of Transport through a law passed by the National Assembly.

20 September 2001 - The Higher Transport School was awarded a five-year institutional accreditation

25 June 2003 - The Higher Transport School integrated a system for quality control meeting the requirements EN ISO 9001:2000 standard.

26 February 2004 - Based on a positive assessment of the university’s reorganization proposal by the National Assessment and Accreditation Agency, the Bulgarian Council of Ministers approved VTU’s restructuring.

22 June 2006 - The Higher Transport School was awarded a six-year institutional accreditation.

18 June 2006 - The Higher Transport School extended the validity of the certificate for integration and implementation of the system for quality control in compliance with the EN ISO 9001:2000 standard.

15 November 2012 - The Higher Transport School was awarded a five-year institutional accreditation.