University Information and Telecommunication Center /UITC/

University Information and Telecommunication Center /UITC/

Head of the Center:
Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Dimitrov, Ph.D., phone :( +359 2) 9709-444; GSM :( +359 88) 640-22-11,
e-mail: dimitar@vtu.bg

Location: Rector’s Office Building, floor 2, room 22



Expert, : Nina Gergova,
phone: +359 2 9709-466

Expert, network and communications: Eng. Lubomir Stoychev,
phone: +359 2 9709-223, 222

Expert, : Raycho Raychev,
phone: +359 2 9709-378
Expert, : Veselka Piskuleva,
phone: +359 2 9709-440



Since 31 March, 2005 the Todor Kableshkov University of Transport has been providing to its students and lecturers a free access to Wi-Fi. The service is developed under the “iNet” project at the Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications.

For further information – http://www.izone.ict.bg

Computer Training Rooms

Students are taught to process texts, electronic tables, and database, to use graphical interface, computer systems and networks, to program using algorithmic languages. Classes in a number of special subjects that need using computer equipment take place in these rooms. Term projects and diploma paper are developed here as well. For further information: Nina Gergova's phone: + 359 2 9709-377,
е-mail: nina@vtu.bg

Video Hall

The audio and video studio at the University of Transport has at its disposal modern multimedia equipment and comfortable video room. In order to illustrate and increase the quality of teaching, the studio is used to prepare educational films, advertising clips, video recording of the most important school events. There are available 151 technical films, specific for the railway transport, safety and labour protection, ecology, transport building, a lot of documentary films about the school history. For further information: Eng. Vasil Dimitrov's phone:9709-281

New video hall with capacity of 87 seats, Library Building, 6201