Recognition of diplomas

Recognition of diplomas

The procedure for recognition of Diplomas for completed higher education is regulated and performed by the Ministry of Education and Science.

People who want to receive official recognition of their Diplomas for completed higher education must submit the following documents to the Ministry of Education and Science:

  1. Standard Letter of Application
  2. Diploma for completed secondary education.
  3. Original and two copies of the Diploma for completed higher education or of an equivalent document issued by an educational institution recognized by the respective country authorities for that part of the civil educational system in the respective country.
  4. The original and two copies of the diploma appendices
  5. Documents certifying the payment of the state fee for the recognition procedure
  6. The original document of identification and one copy
  7. Declaration of veracity for all information provided in the documents and a declaration certifying that the applicant has been duly informed of the legal consequences for presenting untrue information in accordance with the Criminal Law of Republic of Bulgaria
  8. Document for financial support (original).


Applicants should be ready to submit any further documentation relevant to the requested degree recognition, if such are required by the recognition authority.

The documents described in 2, 3, 4, and 5 must be legalized, translated into Bulgarian and validated under the standard procedure for legalization, translation and validation of documents and other official papers.

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