ВТУ "Тодор Каблешков"

Todor Kableshkov University of Transport Winter Workshop

During the first week of March the traditional workshop of the University in Transport was held at the BDZ Reset House in Panichishte. The topic was related to the need of high-tech training that guarantees the quality and efficiency of transport. During the first half of the week was carried out an informal discussion involving all attendees. They discussed a number of hot issues regarding the scope and quality of training, the competitiveness of the educational marketplace, demographic problems, and other issues related to the provision of modern facilities and living conditions for students. The culmination of the event was in Friday when experts from organizations where our students find an employment: Railway Administration Executive Agency, National Railway Infrastructure Company and Bulgarian State Railways joined the workshop. The same day there was a four hours session of the workshop. There were presented interesting reports, describing the current opportunities of the University of Transport for training its students and the working conditions and requirements of the national railway transport as part of the common strategies and requirements for creation of European common railway transport. Thus, one of the major decisions of the seminar emerged, namely improving the language skills of students with an element of the gradual inclusion of general and specialized courses in foreign languages and their tuition in English.

The rest reports, presented by the guests from the railway industry revealed a number of details related to the integration of the national railway transport with the European transport system. The topics covered the contemporary challenges for the railway transport, technical specification and interoperability problems, the need of the railway transport rehabilitation, control of the energy infrastructure. There have been made a number of proposals for the expansion of the training and research processes. As an example were given a number of areas, such as destructive test in the diagnosis of the track, quality management, project management etc. There was accepted the proposal for annual organization of different forms of lecture and seminar appearances of leading executives and experts in the field of rail transport in front of students of the University of Transport

Along with the serious discussions throughout the period were organized a number of sports and artistic events. There were skiing, hiking, competitions in table tennis, billiards, bagatelle, sports bridge, dances etc.

The participants had informal morning meetings, evening entertainment, as in Friday night there was a party that everybody enjoyed.