ВТУ "Тодор Каблешков"

Ideas Generation Event for FP7 Projects

On 19 March 2010 the third seminar defined as Ideas Generatin Event (EGE) in the work programme of FP7 project TransBonus (Transport EU-Western Balkan Network for Training, Support and Promotion of Cooperation in FP7 research activities) gathered 40 scientists from several institutes and laboratories with the Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS), Technical University of Sofia, University of Transport, public organizations and transport enterprises in the Conference Hall of the University of Transport. The participation of researchers of different profile is a precondition for creating interdisciplinary teams and uniting the efforts of experts in similar or close fields of knowledge who can contribute to development of modern, effective, ecological and comfortable transport.

The IGE was opened by Prof. DSc Nencho Nenov, Vice-Rector of the University of Transport for research and international activities. He emphasized on the fact that the University of Transport is a leading research institution in the field of transport. The project TransBonus, FP7 priorities and the Program of Competitiveness and Innovations were presented by Ms Lina Dragieva from the ARC Fund, coordinator of the project. The presentations of the TransBonus team members from the University of Transport gave useful information to the future authors of project proposals: how to successfully develop a project idea, introduced the main evaluation criteria, explained the aims and requirement for participation in the internal call for proposals within the TransBonus programme. The analyses of the six ideas given by participants in the IGE became a base to draw practical conclusions and recommendations how to develop them as project proposals for the next FP7 calls.

The TransBonus team members from the University of Transport announced that the IGE organizing would be continued by two days of consultancy, on 13 and 15 April 2010, during the International Week of the University of Transport. They will help those who need advice how to fill in application forms, find partners, and orient ideas to the new FP7 calls in the field of transport.