ВТУ "Тодор Каблешков"

For the Third Time: Participation in the Intensive Programme RailNewcastle 2014

From 22 June to 11 July 2014 the New Rail Research Center with the Newcastle University (UK), being Coordinator and host, organized the third edition of the IP RailNewcastle 2014 (Intensive Programme in Rail and Logistics). The Todor Kableshkov University of Transport (VTU) was a partner in this project cooperating with universities from other 7 countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Romania. The VTU was represented by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nikolay Georgiev - Coordinator for the Bulgarian university, and Dr Anna-Dzhaleva Chonkova, Senior lecturer. The students Gergana Ivanova, Gergana Vassileva, Iliana Gerenska, Iren Marinova, Silvia Krasteva, Tsvetelina Chitakova were from the Faculty of Transport Management.
The teachers from the partner universities delivered a week's course of lectures and were mentors of the projects on topical issues of rail transport and logistics developed by students working in 12 international teams. The IP RailNewcastle schedule during the last week included a workshop on History of Railways, visits to transport sites and students’ presentations (defence) of the developed projects.
All participants in the Intensive Programme received certificates and students were also awarded corresponding credits in compliance with the ECTS. The overall assessment was that for the third time this three-week course had proved the effectiveness of innovative approaches and, as a result of the joint efforts of teachers and students, would contribute to enhancing the interest, knowledge and desire of young people to find jobs in the sectors of rail transport and logistics. All partners expressed their support to the intention of the New Rail Research Center to continue organising the programme as Summer School looking for sponsorship by industry and co-funding from other European programs.