ВТУ "Тодор Каблешков"

Mobile Seminar


MOBILE SEMINAR “C-E ANALYSIS “IN SITU” OF THE RAILWAY INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS ALONG SEPTEMVRI – DOBRINSHTE RAILWAY LINE” or: How the students from Transportation Engineering Programme talk about the railway infrastructure during 5-hour trip with Septemvri – Dobrinishte narrow gauge.

Prof. Maya Ivanova, PhD and Assoc. Prof. Mira Zafirova, PhD, respectively Head and Deputy Head of Department of Transportation Engineering and Constructions organized a mobile seminar, entitled “C-E Analysis “In SITU” of the Railway Infrastructure Status along Septemvri-Dobrinishte Railway Line” for students from group 1431 from Transportation Engineering Programme on 25th and 26th April, 2014. The seminar was held during the attractive trip along narrow gauge railway Septemvri-Dobrinishte that takes 5 hours. The students had prepared short analysis of the transport infrastructure of each station along the route. They presented the information to the participants in the seminar and the passengers, who showed great interest. At Tsvetino station the lecturers and students, together with the Station Master, made “in situ” analysis of the track. Spontaneously the Trainmaster, conductor and passengers became participants in the seminar. In practice, the students had the opportunity to compare their observations and the real status of the railway infrastructure. The participants were accommodated in NRIC Reset House Dobrinishte on 25th April.
On the way back the students and teachers also had discussions and made analysis. This, combined with the incredible nature around the railway line and communication with the locals left the participants with constant knowledge and analytical skills.
The mobile seminar is part of the innovative academic events that Department of Transportation Engineering and Constructions organizes to increase the quality of knowledge and raise the university prestige.