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Thesis Projects Defence


Thesis projects defence were carried out at Department of Mechanics on February 20, 2014. The graduates from the second class of Auto Technical Expertise MSc Program presented and successfully defended thesis projects in the field of technical and legal expertise for road accidents.
The State Examination Committee, chaired by Prof. Petar Kolev, DSc, Rector of Todor Kableshkov University of Transport, assessed the presented thesis projects. The CGPA is 4 (on a scale of 6). Prof. Kolev addressed the graduates and expressed confidence in the future successful professional realization of the young experts.


Well-grounded Defence of Thesis Projects

The thesis projects defence of students in Transportation Engineering MSc Program took place at Department of Transportation Engineering and Constructions on February 18, 19 and 20, 2014. On February 19, 2014 the defence started with one-minute of silence in honor of The Apostle of Freedom – Vasil Levski.
31 graduates in total went in for a defence, among them 5 from Building Structures Specialization and 26 from Transportation Engineering Specialization.
The thesis projects were developed at a very high level. The graduates presented their projects very interestingly and competently, as in their rhetoric could be seen their technical thinking and the high level of acquired knowledge. The defence was well-grounded with perfect technical drawings. Almost all elements and types of facilities of the land transport infrastructure were developed, designed and reviewed in the thesis projects. This resulted in very good CGPA.
The parents of one of the graduates attended the defence. They were given a Thank You Letter on behalf of Department of Transportation Engineering and Constructions that moved them to tears and they left proud of their son.
The theme of the thesis projects of the outstanding students are as follows:
1. Antoni Boyadzhiev – Overpass at km 150+234 on Mezdra – Gorna Oryahovitsa Railroad;
2. Vanyo Valkov – Technology and Organization of High-rise Construction;
3. Milen Ikonomov - Design of Railroad for Speed of 130-160 km/h by Using Tunnel and without Using Tunnel;
4. Krasimira Karakyozova – Rehabilitation of Railroad between Aitos Station and Balgarovo Station;
5. Miroslava Taneva – Reconstruction of Road III-5071: Chiflik-Gorna Krepost-Stremtsi-Chernoochane;
6. Irena Vasileva – Design of Concrete Frame of Residential Building in Blagoevgrad;
7. Daniel Grigorov – Design and Reconstruction of Road III-121 Shishetsi-Boinitsa;
8. Maria Ostreva – Rehabilitation of Road II-35 Lovech-Troyan Karnare;
9. Mario Tsvetkov – Design of High-speed Railroad in Katunitsa – Popovitsa Section;
10. Metodi Atanasov – Preliminary Design of Ruska Byala – Beli Izvor Section and Trach Development of Vratsa Railway Station.

VTUVTU Thesis projects defence with graduates from Power Engineering and Electrical Equipment and Electric Cars MSc Programs were carried out at Department of Electric Power Supply and Electrical Equipment in Transport in the period of February 17 – February 20, 2014. There were presented projects in the field of power engineering, electric power supply and electric transport, the latest systems for management, control and protection of electric powered facilities. A large number of the projects reviewed problems related to the design and application of alternative sources of energy, the electric drive and control of electric transport vehicles, etc.
The Committee noted deep and serious attitude of the students to the discussed problems. Most of the presented materials can be used for theoretical and practical training of students in the above mentioned programs. Many stands were installed that will enhance the practical background of the students in the advanced fields of technology. Regarding this about 44% of the graduates (50 persons) successfully defended their diploma assignments. Prof. Pavlov and Prof. Milenov addressed the graduates and wished them successful professional realization.

VTUVTU VTU Results of the Diploma Thesis Projects Defence
Students from Computer Aided Design in Mechanical Engineering, Transport Equipment and Automotive Engineering MSc Programs defended their thesis projects on February 18th, 19th and 20th, 2014. 17 graduates in total went in for a defence.
The diploma projects were developed at very high level and the presentations were very interesting. The projects discussed problems related to strength-deformation analysis of constructions of transport equipment with application of computer aided design in mechanical engineering, transport equipment diagnostics, etc.
The CGPA of the defended projects is:
- Computer Aided Design in Mechanical Engineering Program – 5.14 (on a scale of 6);
- Transport Equipment Program – 5,50 (on a scale of 6);
- Automotive Engineering – 5.33 (on a scale of 6).

VTUThe defences of final theses of MSc students, trained in Department Of Economics and Accountancy in Transport took place on February 18th, 19th and 20th, 2014.
The Examination Committees were chaired by Prof. Dr. Emil Jelezov and the members were leading lecturers in the professional field.
Prof. Dr. Emil Jelezov being Chairman of the Committee and Head of Department had a welcoming speech, emphasizing on the importance of the day in terms of the forthcoming start in the career development of the graduates. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daniela Todorova, Vice-Rector of Research and International Activities also addressed the audience. She noted that the new requirements of the dynamic global economy, as well as the challenges of the highly competitive labor market show that nowadays only an educated nation could be rich and prosperous.
The knowledge has long been recognized as an important factor for economic growth and an increase of the living standards. She wished the graduates to turn their enterprising ideas into a reality.
There were presented different developments related to transport, banking, SME development, as well as realistic business plans for small and medium companies.
The students that successfully defended their final theses are from the following Programs:
1. Economics of Transport Companies;
2. Transport Economics;
3. SME Economics.

VTUVTU VTU The defenses of final theses of MSc students in Telecommunications and Signaling Program took place on 19, 21 and 25 February, 2014. The Jury included: Chairman: Prof. A. Andonov, DSc, Secretary: Assoc. Prof. V. Gugova, PhD and Members: Prof. N. Nedelchev, PhD, Assoc. Prof. I. Topalov, PhD, Assoc. Prof. E. Ivanov, PhD. ;
The importance of the discussed problems, as well as the presented solutions by the graduates, consecutively contributed to show the relevance and feasibility of the intendedsolutions in today’s reality. The area under discussion of the 35 developed final theses and the quality of their defense to great extend explain why the knowledge and skills of the graduates in this program are highly appreciated on the labor market.