ВТУ "Тодор Каблешков"

National Seminar on KNOW-IN Project


On 28.11.2013 the University of Transport (VTU) hosted a National Seminar on Lifelong Learning Opportunities for Road Transport Managers. It was organized under the LLP/LDV project KNOW-IN (Knowledge-Intensive Freight Transport SMEs) implemented with the participation of VTU’s team under the leadership of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kiril Karagyozov.
The event attracted the interest of representatives of leading Bulgarian associations and companies in the field of road transport, forwarding and logistics. The seminar was attended by Prof. DSc Petar Kolev, Rector of the VTU, who welcomed the participants, and Assoc. Prof. Dr Daniela Todorova, Vice-Rector for Research and International Activity.
The team members presented the project developments designed to support lifelong learning of managers at workplace: EU Road Transport Manager Matrix related to the European Qualifications Framework; ICT tool for Recognition of Prior Learning and Information Training Toolkit. It is provided to make them available at the project website: www.know-in.eu. Special attention was given to presenting the problems of challenges to international road transport under the current conditions.
The discussion following the presentations was dedicated to a number of urgent issues related to vocational training in the field of road transport, forwarding and logistics. In addition to the possibilities of lifelong learning, the participants exchanged views and ideas of closer cooperation between universities and businesses in compliance with the EU requirements and Europe 2020 Strategy.