ВТУ "Тодор Каблешков"

Academic Performance


On 19 June, 2013 was held an academic performance: Railway Transport in the Discourse of Modern Times, organized by Department of Transportation Engineering with tutor Assoc. Prof. Eng. Maya Ivanova, PhD and facilitator Eng. Angelina Milikina. Students from the programs Transport Economics and Transportation Engineering took part in the event. The first part of the performance was a colloquium on “Design and Construction of Railway Lines”. The specifics were that Project Assignments of students were nominated for participation in competition for the best project in this course. Competent jure, chaired by Eng. Toma Yotsev, Director of EVROTRANSPROEKT and sponsor of the event, and two former students from Transportation Engineering program, who have successful career as constructors in the organization, reviewed the projects and selected the winners. The first – financial award was given to Manuel Nedelchev, the second prize – book “The scientific discoveries of the twentieth century” took Stefan Rizov.
During the second part the student presented scientific papers:
1. Dimitar Munin, group 1421 – “Narrow-Gauge Railway Septemvri – Dobrinishte
2. Simona Dankova I Miroslav Georgiev, group 1911 and 1912 – “Monorail and Wuppertal Railways”
3. Stefan Rizov, group 1421 – “The Highest Railway in Europe – Jungfraubahn”
4. Manuel Nedelchev, group 1421 – “Rehabilitation of Sections of Railway Line Plovdiv-Burgas”
5. Martin Katov, group 1421 – “Emergency Restoration of the Railway Line in Zverino – Mezdra Station-to-Station Block”
6. Kostadin Duksanov, group 1421 – “The Tunnel under the Thames”
7. Metodi Atanasov – “Modernization of Sofia-Vidin Railway Line for Speed of 160-200 km/h”
Martin Katov took the award for the best presentation – two weeks placement in Evrotransproekt.
Besides the traditional certificates, all participants received for a first time in the university Thank You Letters to the parents of the students, who participated in the event. The reading of the letter moved to tears the guests. The guests, students and lecturers were satisfied and enriched with new knowledge in the field of the transport of the future – the railway transport. Assoc. Prof. Maya Ivanova wished the very best of success to the future civil engineers and constructors.