ВТУ "Тодор Каблешков"

Youth Scientific Forum "Innovation, Practice, Development”



On May 15, 2013 in the eve of the Day of Slavonic Alphabet, Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture was held Youth Scientific Forum “Innovation, Practice, Development”, organized by Todor Kableshkov University of Transport, Business Planning and Project Management Center and Student Council.
Prof. Petar Kolev, DSc, Rector of the University and Assoc. Prof. Daniela Todorova, PhD, Vice-Rector of Research and International Activities had greeting speeches. They expressed their satisfaction with the realization of the student scientific session, since as a higher school Todor Kableshkov University of Transport should promote such scientific forums. They provide opportunity the young researchers to present their scientific achievements, to discuss general problems, to exchange experience. This results in an improved quality of education- thus the prestige of the university is increased.
2 PhD students and 39 students, studying in educational and qualification degree of Bachelor and Master, full-time and part-time in the following Programs: Transport Economics, Economics of Transport Companies, Transportation Engineering, Power Engineering and Electrical Equipment, Automotive Engineering participated in the scientific forum.
The students presented the entrepreneurial projects, business plans, analysis and researches they have developed. The developments were distinguished by innovation, rationality and foresight. The participants demonstrated confidence, initiative and creativity, skills for team work, to stand their ground and competency. Prof. Kolev announced that the developed researches by the students and PhD students after positive reviews will be published in the Youth edition of the scientific journal Mechanics Transport Communication – Young Forum.
1. Prof. Petar Kolev, DSc - Rector
2. Assoc. Prof. Daniela Todorova, PhD – Vice-Rector of Research and International Activities
3. Assoc. Prof. Rumen Uluchev, PhD – Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs
4. Assoc. Prof. Antoaneta Kirova, PhD – Manager of Business Planning and Project Management Center
5. Stoycho Stoev – Deputy Chairman of Student Council
after discussion nominated for the Annual Rector’s Awards for Research and Academic Activity the following participants:
I. The students: Lora Valova and Ivanka Petrova for developing Business Plan “Development and Management of the Activity of Service-Station AltGor OOD”
II. The students: Elena Dimitrova and Slava Natova for developing Business Plan of Hristo Botev Sports Hall.
III. The students: Nikolay Petrov and Valentin Danov for developing Business Plan of Tachev Restaurant.
IV. The students: Daniel Delchev and Hristian Raychev for the development: “About the Steels and Their Application”
V. The students: Veselin Donkov and Atanas Stavrev for the development “Ecological Problems of Electric Power Generation in the Republic of Bulgaria”
VI. The student from National Sports Academy Mihail Kachaunov for the development “Influence of the Auxiliaries on the Coefficient of Efficiency of the Swimmer”.
VII. The PhD student Stefan Maslarski for the development “Comparison of the Results of Test Static Load with the Standards for Pile Foundation”.
All participants in the Youth Forum received Certificate for Participation.
The Youth Scientific Forum “Innovation, Practice, Development” was accepted with interest by many lecturers and scientists.