ВТУ "Тодор Каблешков"

Student Forum “Socially oriented projects”

On December 4, 2012 under the initiative of Department of Economics and Accountancy in Transport and Business Planning and Project Management Center was carried out student forum “Socially oriented projects”, devoted to the Student Day, December 8.
Students in the Transport Economics Programme, IV year (full and part time), educational and qualification degree Bachelor participated in the forum. There were presented the following projects:
1. Developing Children’s Complex “Usmivka” in the City of Novi Iskar” by a team with project manager Dimitrinka Kirova and members Antoaneta Borisova, Vessela Tsvetkova, Nina Yanchovska and Ivet Kirova;
2. Creating Tourist Informational Center in the City of Ihtiman by a team including Atanas Galabov, Zornitsa Dodova, Elizabeth Petrova and Viktoria Popova;
3. Investment Project for Reconstructing Sport Hall “Hristo Botev” by a team including Slava Natova, Elena Dimitrova, Lachezar Tsvetanov and Ivaylo Ivanov;
4. Investment Project for Developing Auto Service “AltGor” OOD with Scope of Activity: Installation of Systems for Alternative Types of Energy Use by a team including Lora Valova, Tsvetomira Vassileva, Ivanka Petrova and Silvia Ivanova;
5. Investment Project Promoting the Alternative Tourism in the Region of Tran by a team including Boryana Tomova, Yoana Krumova, Kristina Georgieva and Simona Stefanova;
6. Renovation and Modernization of Open-Air Kindergarten in District “Slatina”, Sofia by a team including Elena Peycheva, Rositsa Mechkarova, Yanitsa Yankova, Stanislava Nedyalkova and Stanislav Popov;
7. Development of The Programme “Learn to Swim’ 2013” for children at the age from 7 to 13 by a team including Stoyan Klisarov and Rostislav Stoev;
8. Investment Project “Green Clean” OOD for Green Cleaning with Organic Detergents by a team including Bistra Bureva, Verzhiniya Petrova, Galina Gavrilova, Yordan Stoyanov and Velko Ivanov.
Prof. Petar Kolev, DSc, Rector of the University of Transport, was a special guests at the Forum.

The management of Department of Economics and Accountancy in Transport and Business Planning and Project Management Center.