ВТУ "Тодор Каблешков"

Erasmus Cooperation Expanding

In June 2012 the Todor Kableshkov Uninersity of Transport (VTU) was visited by teachers and staff from four countries - Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Turkey. The presentations, bilateral and multilateral meetings with rector’s authorities and academic community organized at the host university were part of the programme dedicated to 25th anniversary of the Erasmus program and the 90th anniversary of the VTU.
The welcome events for guests were implemented by the faculty Erasmus coordinators with the help of teachers and staff who had visited the respective universities. Prof. Dr Maria Franekova from the University of Zilina, Slovakia was invited and took part in the Scientific Seminar of the Faculty of Telecommunications and Electrical Equipment in Transport. She as well as Ms. Ayse Duranlar, Secretary of the Department of Mathematics at the Trakya University of Edirne, Turkey had selected again the VTU as an Erasmus destination after their first visits in 2010.
It was also for the second time that the other two partner institutions, College of Technology and Design in Vilnius, Lithuania and the National Defence University (AON) in Warsaw, Poland sent representatives to the VTU. The Lithuanian teachers Brigita Sustickiene, Head of Railway Infrastructure and Information Systems Department, Rima Paukstiene, Head of Geodesy Department and Jurgita Ginaviciene, Head of Social Sciences Department made presentations and had meetings with colleagues in the field of their teaching and research. The Polish delegation, including Deputy Rector COL Jaroslaw Tomaszewski, PhD; Assoc. Prof. Piotr Gawliczek, PhD, Chief of Rector's Office and LTC Andrzej Sobon, PhD, Erasmus University Coordinator not only presented their university to members of the Academic Council and other teachers, but also made a proposal to expand cooperation between the two institutions.
The visits of the guests in the Underground Control Centre, museums and sightseeing in Sofia were joined by the incoming Erasmus students from the college in Vilnius and UNO in Warsaw as well as by the students from the Institute of Transport and Communications in Riga, Latvia, who have arrived to implement placement mobility in Bulgaria.