ВТУ "Тодор Каблешков"

New COST Project, Associated with Electric Vehicles

In Department of Material Handling and Construction Machines was started third contract, related to the design of electric vehicles, under the European Program for Cooperation in Science and Technology.
Following the successfully completed project COST Action 542 HPSTM, with scope and objectives in the application of supercapacitors in the material handling and transport equipment, on 12 April, 2012 launched new project - COST Action TU1105“NVH Analysis Techniques for Design and Optimization of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. The scope of activity and the objectives of the new project are researches and solutions, related to the design and optimization of electric vehicles.
As a result of the successful work under COST Action 542 HPSTM and the implemented tasks in the second project in development COST MP1004 Hybrid-ES – Hybrid Energy Storage Devices and Systems for Mobile and Stationary Applications, as well as due to the gained experience in electric machinery construction /in BALKANCAR/, assoc. prof. Vikenti Spasov, PhD was nominated and elected for member of the Steering Committee of COST Action TU1105.
The contract is for four years, as the deadline is December 2016. The participating countries for the time being are: Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania, Poland, England and Bulgaria. Czech Republic, France, Portugal, Holland and others are going to join as well.