ВТУ "Тодор Каблешков"

Practice in Port Construction in Lom and Vidin

On 15th March, 2012 the MSc Class in Building Structures, under the supervision of assoc. prof. Chavdar Kolev, visited Port of Lom and the newly built bridge over Danube River near Vidin. Thus after visiting Thessaloniki Port was made full cycle of monitoring of the Bulgarian and Geek section of Pan European Transport Corridor IV: Kalafat – Vidin – Kulata – Thessaloniki. There were tracked the rail and road junction in this direction and the intermodal transportation of freights by river, sea, rail and road.
Mr. Konstantin Kostadinov, Executive Director of Port of Lom and Eng. Zhivkov, Technical Director comprehensively introduced to the students the port plan, available facilities, port operations and prospects for development.
The visit of newly built bridge over Danube River near Vidin was also extremely interesting and remarkable.
The students were welcomed by Mrs. Sonya Machorska – Head of PR Department. Eng. Tsanichev introduced the technical details of the bridge to the students. He presented the constructive scheme, foundation technology, construction and pre-stressed technology.
To finish the construction of the bridge in 2012, there have to be connected three holes on Romanian coast. There were discussed opportunities for implementing future internships and visits.