ВТУ "Тодор Каблешков"

Practice in Port Construction in Thessaloniki

On 20th February, 2012 the MSc Class in Building Structures, under the supervision of assoc. prof. Chavdar Kolev, had a practice in Port Construction at Thessaloniki port. The agenda, trip and documentation was arranged by Eng. Nadia Dimitrova, Expert on International Relations, Research Potential and Competitions at Todor Kableshkov University of Transport. The Head of Strategic Planning and Port Development Department, MSc Eng. Dimitrious Makris, PhD, thoroughly and professionally acquainted the students with the port’s general plan, specialized berths and piers for containers, bulk cargo, steel products, timber, etc. There was presented the cargo turnover of the port during the last three years. The students examined the specialized port equipment and watched the loading of ships with containers. There were discussed the types of container ships. The students observed the technological line for movement of the vehicles within the port territory. The parameters of the aquatic environment – depth, oil platforms and liquid cargo key were discussed.
A presentation on the port’s economic activity was made in the renovated warehouses, turned into museums and cinema halls. The students received information materials and books that will help them in preparing their Project Assignment in Port Construction.
The highly qualified MSc Eng. Dimitrius Makris, PhD was invited at Todor Kableshkov University of Transport to participate in workshop in the spring. In the end the students enjoyed the first worm days in this winter and had a walk along the beautiful Aegean coast.