ВТУ "Тодор Каблешков"

Two years from the establishment of industrial cluster “Electric vehicle”

‘Todor Kableshkov” University of Transport hosted a successive event of industrial clusted “Electric vehicle” that was organized on the occasion of two years anniversary from its establishment.
The event included press conference for national media and meeting of the management of the cluster. The University of Transport is one of the first participants in the cluster. The university earned its place in the cluster due to the conducted considerable research and applied activity in which participated students, PhD students and lecturers. The scientific results are applied in transport and other companies.
The “Todor Kableshkov” University of Transport academic community is especially proud of the successful work on the project for creation of electric vehicle with which the university participated in the autumn Plovdiv Fair 2010. The essence of the project is not just designing and assembling of the presented prototype, but developing methodology for designing electric cars with different purposes. The electric vehicle is used as testing laboratory, where different studies are made in real traffic conditions. The measurements made will help the creation of interactive computer simulation programme that will considerably contribute for reducing the time for developing new models of electric cars.