ВТУ "Тодор Каблешков"

Student workshop, organized by Department of Building Structures

On 23 November, 2011 was held a student workshop, organized by the Department of Building Structures and the Faculty of Machinery and Construction Technologies in Transport. The workshop was devoted to transport facilities breakdowns and was managed by Assoc. prof. Chavdar Kolev. There were presented eight very interesting reports that discussed various aspect of the problem. The authors of the reports were mainly students in second year in Transportation Engineering Programme.
The student Elena Dimitrova reported for breakdowns in transport facilities like earthworks and excavation slopes and gave examples from our highways. Her presentation was based on her knowledge in Theory of ultimate limit state and Methods for analysis of slopes and landslide stability – exams she has already passed.
Veneta Pencheva presented in details the conflict points between roads and pressure pipelines with evidences for frequent severe breakdowns due to the need of renovation and modernization of facilities and their poor exploitation.
Elena Borisova presented the ‘mysterious’ cracking of “St. Mary” Cathedral in her home town Pazardjik and explained the .phenomena by using her acquainted knowledge in Soil Mechanics and Foundation.
The student Ivan Dzhanabetski shared his own experience as technical supervisor of a sliding of slope of excavation a moment before a worker to enter it. He analyzed in details the reasons for the breakdown and formulated the prevention measures as well as the future lessons. In the end the author introduced the latest technological solutions for strengthening the trenches.
The student Simona Mitrenova introduced to the audience the severe consequences of the occurrence of the so called “consistent landslides” on the roads and railways and gave examples of the Danube and Black Sea coast. She drew attention to the systematic approach in constructing strengthening facilities for such types of landslides.
The student from Transportation Engineering Programme, Rumen Georgiev presented his impressing personal experience of assembling beams for bridges and industrial buildings in terms of safety performance.
Assoc. prof. Plamen Kisyov presented exotic examples of calamities by showing a number of photos of his construction sites in Libyan desert. The problems of stability, bearing capacity, hydraulic stability and construction stability in desert conditions brought new vivid view, adopted with undisguised interest by the audience. There were discussion on extraordinary physical effect during red desert storm, explained by the lecturer on Physics – Valentina Hristova. There were brought examples for neglecting the civil engineering science that resulted in considerable material and ecological damages in Libya. v Assoc. prof. Chavdar Kolev presented long series of analyzed examples for damages of small bridges, roads and buildings after the flood from 5 and 6 of August, 2005.
In the end there were questions and answers on the discussed reports.
The guest from National Railway Infrastructure Company – Eng. Milushev sincerely expressed his satisfaction with the workshop with the confidence that it is another step towards development of colleagues and creation of continuity between generations.