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Students from Todor Kableshkov University of Transport Participated in Youth Forum


Students from the University of Transport participated in Youth Forum 2011 and in the celebration of the International Day of Railway Level Crossing Safety.

On 26 May, 2011 was held the traditional Youth Forum, titled “Young People in the Transport Research Activity and Project Implementation”, at the National House of Science and Technology.
The forum was organized by the Scientific and Technical Union of Transport /STUT/, the Federation of Scientific and Technical Unions in Bulgaria and the United Youth Scientific and Technical Association.
40 young scientist, lecturers, students, PhD students, students from Nikola Korchev Higher Railways School, specialists from the National Railways Infrastructure Company and BDZ participated in the forum. There were presented 17 reports during three plenary sessions.
During the first plenary session were discussed issues related to the White Book – road map for achieving single European transport area, the strategic directions in the higher transport education and the road safety in Bulgaria. Prof. Nencho Nenov, DSc, Vice Rector on International Relations and Research at University of Transport, presented a Concept of Control System for Trains in Motion.
During the second and third sessions the young participants from Technical University of Sofia, University of Transport, University of Ruse and University of National and World Economy presented their visions on solving problems in the field of transport. Martin Ruman, Erasmus student from the Technical University of Pardubice, Czech Republic, who is on visit at University of Transport, also joined the forum. He acquainted the attendees with the railway level crossing safety problems in Czech Republic and presented directions for their solution. Mrs. Krasimira Martinova, Chairman of STUT, suggested Martin Ruman development to be published in the international virtual journal for science, technique and innovations “Machines Technologies Materials”. The members of Transportation Engineering Department presented a report about the tram railway rehabilitation.
Ilian Trifonov and Genoveva Istiliyanova, students in Transportation Engineering Programme presented a report “The Railways Level Crossings in Bulgaria – conflict point between problems in legislation, state and citizens’ position. The lack of innovations for safety improvement.” The young people mentioned in their presentation the problems with the safety and the reasons for accidents on the railway level crossings in Bulgaria, as well as the various opinions on the topic, published in the internet forums. There were discussed options for the solution of the problems. A film about an accident on a railway level crossing provoked a huge interest. Representative of the National Railway Infrastructure Company showed an interest in the students’ presentation and invited them to present it in the company.
Regarding this and on the occasion of the held on 19 April student workshop “Railway Level Crossing Safety in Bulgaria”, organized by the Faculty of Machinery and Construction Technologies in Transport at the University of Transport, on 9 June was held a meeting. On the same date the National Railway Infrastructure Company celebrated the International Day of Level Crossing Safety. The organized campaign was joint initiative of EU member countries. The main goal of the initiative was to demonstrate that the accidents when crossing the level crossings can be avoid if the traffic rules are observed and the dangerous behavior of the participants in the traffic is limited. The guests of the event were: Eng. Zlatin Krumov, Deputy General Manager/Operations, Eng. Biser Minchev – Chief safety inspector, Eng. Ivan Bakalski – Director of Department “Signalling and Telecommunications”, representatives of Todor Kableshkov University of Transport and STUT.
When opening the event, Eng. Zlatin Krumov mentioned that the main priorities of National Railway Infrastructure Company are to reduce to minimum the accidents at the level crossings. Two reports were exposed in this context. The students Ilian Trifonov and Genoveva Istilianova presented their thorough visions about the problems in the legislation, maintenance and new technologies for improving the safety in the field of road infrastructure in the country. Eng. Ivan Bakalski presented interesting information related to the technical and safety status of the level crossings in Bulgaria. He was pleased by the presentation of the young people and added that they have approached the problem with responsibility and criticism, taking into consideration the opinions published in the internet forums. Stoyan Valev, Secretary General of STUT, greeted the students about their participation and discussion of the topical and so far unsolved problem, directly concerning the National Railway Infrastructure Company.
At the end of the event, Eng. Biser Minchev assured the audience that the Company is aware of the problems related to the railway level crossing safety and is working on their solution.