ВТУ "Тодор Каблешков"

Student Workshop

On 19 April, 2011 in the Jubilee Hall at Todor Kableshkov University of Transport was held a student workshop: Railways Level Crossing Safety in Bulgaria. The workshop was organized by the Faculty of Machinery and Construction Technologies in Transport. Students, PhD students and lecturers from the three faculties participated in the event. The reason for the workshop was the topical, important and unsolved for the time being problem with the numerous accidents at the level crossings in the country regardless the undertaken measures

Eng. Biser Minchev, Chief Inspector of National Railway Infrastructure Company and Prof. Petar Kolev, DSc, rector of Todor Kableshkov University of Transport attended the workshop. Assoc. prof. Valentin Nikolov, Dean of the Faculty opened the workshop. Assoc. prof. Chavdar Kolev presented an introductory report stating the reason, motives and objectives of the workshop, as well as the participants. It was outlined that the students are willing to solve the accumulated problems by showing consistency and rapid introduction of advanced technologies and good international experience in the field.

Eng. Biser Minchev made a detailed expose on the problems of level crossing safety and NRIC operation. He presented different aspects of the problems, useful statistics and a number of practical measures the company takes for avoiding catastrophes at the level crossings. It became clear that there is systematical approach and clear programmes. However, there are difficulties in their implementation. In conclusion, Eng. Minchev presented the NRIC investment programme for rehabilitation and modernization of the railways in our country.

Two students presented different aspects of the level crossing safety: Ilyan Trifonov - “Problems in the legislation, maintenance and new technologies for improving the level crossing safety in Bulgaria” and Kaloyan Ivanov “Risk analysis of participants in the traffic at level crossing”. The workshop became international by the outstanding report of the visiting student from the Czech Republic in the Faculty of Transport Management under the Erasmus programme. He presented the problems of railway level crossing safety in Czech Republic. The perfectly presented statistics and examples of technical devices gave good ideas for their application and development in our country.

The PhD student, Eng. Tsvetelina Simeonova presented a consistent theory for the Methods for Risk Analysis and Opportunities for Application when Evaluating the Security Systems Safety. Assoc. prof. Emil Ivanov presented the principles of development of communications-security systems in his report “Automatic level crossing devices – new view towards the basic requirements”. Ivaylo Stoyanov, Sr. lecturer discussed the technological issues of the traffic safety and gave a number of useful examples in his report “Accidents and problems of the level crossings in Bulgaria”.

During the discussions, the student Genoveva Istiliyanova presented interesting feedbacks on the level crossing problems that are published in internet forums.

The prestigious specialized newspapers: «Строителство Градът»- media partner of the event and «Строител» - issued by Bulgarian Construction Chamber showed an interest in the workshop. Prof. Petar Kolev, DSc, Rector of the University of Transport announced that the reports will be published in the special edition of “Mechanics Transport Communications”